21 March 2006

News in Drew

Some recent goings-on in my life:
1) Tonight, I bought my first ever digital song online (and, for that matter, my second) [from iTunes].
2) The last few days have seen a lot of me working on my Rabbinic Sleep Ethics paper, as I have been revising my paper after I sent it to Professor Elman and he had some comments to add, plus what's making it somewhat laborious, aside from having found a whole bunch of material to consider (a whole book on sleep in antiquity, plus an article on sleep in Israel for the Talmudic sages), but, to top that all off, I am trying to inject some conceptualization into the paper, as well. I look forward to finishing it in the next day....
3) Our review for Rabbi Katz' class involves going through all of the Tosafosos that we have done in the tenth chapter of Pesahim and to do stuff - I will be posting the fruits of my labor tomorrow after I turn it in.
4) I'll be spending my last shabbas in the Heights for a month this shabbas. I will be elsewhere in the meantime.


chanan said...

Drew whachya doing for Pesach?

Drew Kaplan said...

Not sure yet for the first days, but will be in New Orleans the week of the latter days, and will be back in Columbus the weekend before Pesah. Why? Where will you be?