30 March 2006

Progress Now On The Street

In addition to working on the lot "next door" (see earlier posts here and here), the work has now progressed to the street directly adjacent to the lot. On Monday, they put up some poles in the street (they drilled holes in the pavement and put down cement to hold the poles there), followed by Tuesday, when they finished lining the street exactly adjacent to the property, followed up with yesterday (Wednesday), where they began putting up boards alongside the poles. My conjecture is that they are beginning to set up scaffolding, a common "weed" in NYC.
While I don't particularly mind, were I to be a car-owner, I would be somewhat upset, as they took out upwards of 8-10 (perhaps even a dozen?) parking spots with their construction. This, in an area where parking was not easy anyways, now makes it all the much more difficult. Again, I count my lucky stars I do not own a car in Manhattan.

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