08 March 2006

Gettin' That Swagger Back/Fighting The Fat/God Shines Its Grace on Me

I know there's a lot of titles to this one, but they all describe last night.
As you may or may not know, I haven't jogged since my knee started bothering me again. At first, I had trouble walking. But then, I was - and still am - able to walk finely (not as much as a comfortable full range of motion, but pretty well, nonetheless), and gradually felt I could maybe jog. While I have jogged across a street to dodge cars, I haven't fully jogged out of fear that I would properly injure myself again. This fear is not unfounded. Three years ago, after initially injuring my knee, it got better in a matter of weeks and I was jogging again. However, my first time back (after a week of spring break at home) to campus, I was playing basketball and my knee started bothering me terribly (and I was only jogging down the court when it happened), which is when I went to see a doctor and then had arthroscopic surgery.
So last night, I jogged a little - twenty blocks to be exact (a friend tells me that equals one mile). It was great, even if not cardiovascular. I'll have to work on that.
However, that's not the whole story - I lifted before I went jogging. While my knee doesn't stop me from lifting, I've been lazy in 2006 - I lifted twice the first week of January and then once shortly after my knee injury, and not at all in February. Thus, I have hardly exercised at all in 2006, and thus, have been getting fat(ter) of late. While this is bad enough, it is also psychologically been bad for me.
After having Dr. Robert Barris come yesterday to come to speak to our first-year pastoral counseling class on Jewish meditation, he mentioned spirituality and how many Jews are seeking etc. (he didn't need to back up this statement as the number of JuBus can attest). I realized that while I'm not much of a spiritual person, I am being VERY held back in experiencing spirituality or spiritual experiences due to my lack of exercise/proper health. I couldn't pass up last night going without exercising. And so I exercised. :) Yay! Now I just have to keep it up....


Tim Lieder said...


Drew - have you seen this article? Do you know if that rabbi still teaches at YU high school?

BTW, why does your blog crash my server if I try to scroll down it?

Drew_Kaplan said...

I don't know why my blog has not been so friendly as of late, but hopefully it's better now now that I removed the feeds from YCTChevre and my Bentsching Blog.
I had read something similar within the last week, perhaps through Jewschool.
I don't know anything about that rabbi.

Anonymous said...

Odd jogging question for you.

Do people ever stop you on the street when you're jogging and make comments like "good for you" or "keep it up"

I ask because I'm a fat, female, jogger - I run about 3 miles a day. And people make comments to me that I think they wouldn't make if I weren't female and mostly weren't fat. But I just wanted to check with someone else before I made assumptions about weird street comments that people make to me.


Oh and fyi, your site just totally froze my browser post the removal of your feeds.