06 March 2006

Some Personal Reflections on YCT's Recent Gala Dinner

While I had a nice time at YCT's annual gala dinner last night, I unfortunately missed the hors d'oeuvres to begin the evening, which was a highlight of the evening (I had laundry to do, which I should have done earlier in the afternoon, plus the subway took longer than I had expected), and arrived during the town hall meeting where there were two graduates from last year and two future graduates of this year speaking from prepared speeches, then taking questions from the floor. While they were speaking, I realized that they were speaking a lot in terms of how their training helped them where they are now, etc. Although it's largely because of the curriculum now, I don't feel that I'm as much of a future rabbi as I am a rabbinical student (with the emphasis on student). I greatly desired from there and from their words that I be readied to become a rabbi to be in the field. However, I do realize it's a few years away - and I'm glad that it's still that much, as there's much more I ought to learn.
Hopefully, in the future, there will be more of a connection between what we're doing in the yeshiva and what will go on afterwards. I assume that it's merely because I'm in the first year, where we're developing and focusing on developing our textual skills, that we have only barely begun to get the more practical rabbinic stuff.
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