17 March 2006

Articles on Sleep in Judaism

Last night, while Googling, I found a book on sleep in antiquity, which will definitely give me some good material to use for writing on sleep in Judaism - certainly currently, as my article on Talmudic sleep ethics is undergoing revisions. I thought it would be helpful for people who are interested in this topic to have a bibliographical listing of relevant material. As such, here it is:
-Ancoli-Israel, Sonia. "Sleep Disorders in the Bible." Jewish Bible Quarterly 31, no. 3 (July-September 2003): 143-152.
-Isbell, Charles David. "Sleep From the Eyes, Slumber From the Eyelids." Jewish Bible Quarterly 34, no. 1 (January-March 2006): 39-46.
-Kaplan, Drew. "In Your Lying Down and In Your Rising Up: A Biblical Sleep Ethic." Jewish Bible Quarterly 34, no. 1 (January-March 2006): 47-50.
-Kaplan, Drew. "Talmud Sleep Ethics" (we'll see if this title sticks or not...). Milin Havivin 2 (2006): forthcoming.
-McAlpine, Thomas. Sleep, Divine & Human in the Old Testament. Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1987.
-Thomson, J.G.S.S. "Sleep: An Aspect of Jewish Anthropology." Vetus Testamentum 4 (1955): 421-433.
-Tovar, Sofia Torallas. "Philo of Alexandria on Sleep." In Sleep, edited by Thomas Wiedemann and Ken Dowden. Bari, Italy: Levante Editori, 2003. (41-52)

Also, while running a RAMBI search last night, I came across two articles in Hebrew - the first, which seems rather significant, was done by Joshua Schwartz, published in 2004 in a volume called רצף ותמורה, running from pages 197 - 209. Another work, written by Yizhak Shaz, came out nine years ago on a prayer said after waking up. I hope to look at both of these on Sunday.

As to whether or not Sofia Torallas Tovar's article knocks my idea of writing about Philo's views on sleep, I doubt it, as she didn't cover the topic extensively. Nevertheless, I haven't been productive lately [at all], though I hope to make Sunday a productive day.
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Yeah, RAMBI. As you can tell from the link, it's a Hebrew acronym (רמב"י) from רשימת מאמרים במדעי היהודית, The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies. Their search page can be found here.