04 March 2006

Food Spending

As this year is one where I will begin to take responsibility for taking care of my taxes, etc. (previously, my dad has done so), I decided that I would be collecting my receipts and keeping track of my expenditures. Although I'm not sure how thoroughly I have input all of my figures for January and February, I have gotten most of them put in. Furthermore, I thought I would post how much I've spent on food, as this is an area where I know I have just about everything put in - maybe there are a few receipts missing, I am confident that it represents closely what I've spent on food. In January, I spent $353.92 on food, while in February, I spent $269.62 on food. I think a huge difference between these two months was my knee going bad, which has held me back from jogging. While it didn't stop me from lifting weights, also, I have just been lazy, and so I have not been exercising since my knee injury (okay, there was maybe a couple of times where I lifted after my knee went bad, but very little). As I have cut down on my exercising, my appetite has gradually been leaving me. Nevertheless, I am glad that my food purchasing has gone down to below 30% of my monthly "income" (I receive $1000 a month from Chovevei).


Lab Rab said...

Good job keeping a budget. Should be useful down the line.

My food spending varies widely depending on whether I am hosting shabbos meals or being hosted.

29 and mighy fine said...

don't starve yourself, nebach!

I hope your knee is getting better!

Drew Kaplan said...

Lab Rab,
Thanks - yeah, it definitely does give me a sense of how I'm spending my money, which is good. That's true about the shabbas meals thing - they can definitely run up the bill.

I'm definitely not starving myself. In fact, with this lack of exercise, I'm actually gaining weight :(.
My knee is good enough to walk on with no problems, and I've even jogged across streets before to avoid cars, but I do need to get it checked out before I go jogging.