09 March 2006

My Computer Goes In For Repairs

My computer (it's a Toshiba), which I've had since August 2004, started giving me problems in June (I know, it's been the majority of a year), whereby it would shut down from overheating. Thus, I wouldn't be able to use it for long stretches of time unless I hung the back end of it out of my window. I finally called Toshiba about it in January and they said that that model has been having that problems and that I could bring it in free of charge and they would fix it - after finding out it would take up to a week to fix it, I wanted to wait until a good time to give up my computer for a week (but when is there ever a good time to give up one's computer?).
However, this morning, it stopped powering up. While in the past month or two, it has been a little tricky getting it to power up, this morning was it - so I brought in my computer to get fixed. And so I await.

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Avi said...

Is it the A75 series?

Toshibas stink and never buy a laptop with a desktop processor!