26 June 2006

"Shalom in the Home" Season 1 Wrap-Up

So, tonight was the tenth and final episode of the first season (maybe there will be future seasons) of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's show on TLC called "Shalom in the Home". I've already posted about the show mid-season (here and here), so I won't go into the mechanics of the show nor of my interest in this posting (also, Washington Post article about the show).
Reb Shmuley's main thrust generally seems to be that the parents are the focus of the family - they are the cornerstones of the family. Several episodes seem to start off with the parents saying their kids are either out of control, not happy, etc. Then Reb Shmuley comes on and starts showing the
parents how they are performing as parents as well as how they parent based on themselves. Aha! They don't realize that the problem isn't their children's, per se, but rather something stemming from themselves. Two of Reb Shmuley's aphorisms (or Shmuleyisms) on this idea are the following (from the Shmuleyisms page):
You cannot have healthy children without having a healthy family environment.

There are no bad children. Only bad parents. When our kids act up, it’s time to look in the mirror.
Also today (Monday), I missed Reb Shmuley being on Oprah's show, which was unfortunate,
but fortunately, the Oprah Winfrey Show website posted on the show. Apparently, the family from the last episode was on (see 1, 2, 3, and 4), as well as one from another episode (1, 2, and 3) (in addition to two others not from the show).
Reb Shmuley is certainly an interesting figure (I was reading up about him today online (there was a certain article that I just tried googling from about 6-7 years ago about him that was somewhat extensive) (albeit during the Oprah Show) and find him to be interesting.) - one particular line sticks out to me (from another article on him, "Who is Shmuley Boteach?" from five years ago):
To get Jews interested in the Jewish world, you have to get the non-Jews interested. The Jews will follow what the non-Jews are doing.
As the article immediately points out, most Orthodox Jews certainly don't agree with this point of view. Nevertheless, it's a smart point, though the mechanics of it need to be worked out. When he says "Jewish world", I think he's meaning the Torah, but I could be off.
Anyways, I was happy with the show and enjoyed its ten episode run for its inaugural season and hope to see more Reb Shmuley.
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Anonymous said...

I respectfully wish to protest the display of a picture of a woman with her cleavage displayed. What place does that have on an ostensibly Orthodox rabbinical student's blog? I must draw my own conclusions about the admission statndards at your seminary and the education being offered.
Yirmiyah Chegall

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Funny Yirmiyah. You ought to get out of the Yeshiva a bit more. I did not see that horrible nudity until you so gleefully pointed it out.

To the point. I like Shmuely. He wants a network talk show. He will do nearly anything to get one. I don't think that is such a bad outcome. He has as much to say as any daytime host - Ellen, Oprah, Dr. Phil, usw -- or more!

AviSaul said...

Tzvee: Maybe you expose yourself to so much that you're deadened to it. Sen any R-rated movies lately? How's the cable TV?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Nice blog! First time here.

Tim Lieder said...

Well if Yirmiyah and cbs want to be offended there's always the historical architecture from North Shore Congregation designed by Minoru Yamasaki (famous for the world trade center)


Although there are some that believe that all arks should be designed like that.

Tim Lieder said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tim Lieder said...

Put a .gif at the end of that - or just go to http://community.livejournal.com/weirdjews2/515860.html and look (of course you actually have to go to the community, get a livejournal and join.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

at least her knees are covered ;-)

Anonymous said...

I also wish to protest that display of hideous pants worn by women.

Shame shame "rabbinical student"

And could you tell me why a rabbi is watching tv??

Is the Talmud not interesting enough for you?

Anonymous said...

last anon-
is it a hideous display of pants, or a display of hideous pants? in that case, we could all watch another TLC show, "What Not to Wear," til then... ;)

Anonymous said...

it is a HIDEOUS display of pants

I don't watch t.v., maybe you should stay away from it

also, do you and your brother believe in incest?

I am kind of getting that "vibe" from you two

very sick indeed!

Drew Kaplan said...

6/27/2006 7:04 PM Anonymous,
I described in my first posting about the show as to why I watch the show - there's much to learn. I hope to be blogging soon about my interest in the Talmud, although other forms of media can certainly be more interesting.

Drew Kaplan said...

Reb Tzvee,
I'm totally with you on this. As far as Reb Shmuley goes, he is rather aggressive for attention, but he does put it to good. And the promotion of Torah that goes along with his own is something for which to cheer.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally, someone hit the nail on the head! All people who watch tv have sex with their siblings. I'm so glad we had someone as brilliant as you to point that out. Mwahhh!

Anonymous said...

Drew wrote:
"the Talmud, although other forms of media can certainly be more interesting."

What a ghastly Chillul Hshem B'Rabbim. Some things ought not be mentioned **publicly**, even if you sincerely believe it.
And maybe if your professors focused more on lomdus and less on what year each semi-colon was printed, you'd enjoy Talmud more!

Drew Kaplan said...

I'm curious as to your theological conceptions if one finds depictions of moving stories more interesting than words printed on a page can in any way be somehow a desecration of the Divine. Nevertheless, as a religious Jew, I am interested in studying Talmud not for mere reasons of entertainment, but about learning about our heritage (morashah kehillas ya'akov).
Although we do have professors, we also have rabbis.
on what year each semi-colon was printed - I don't believe we've ever studied this before.
focused more on lomdus, ...you'd enjoy Talmud more - as I've indicated before, I hope to post on my interest in Talmud. Before then, I hope it shall suffice that I am interested in it, as there are certainly many interesting things that go on. However, I must make a point that Rabib Katz is rather into the more philosophical - lomdish stuff than I am (and tries to guide me in that direction), though what particularly fascinates me about Talmud is the historical aspects to it, so teaching me lomdus is not what attracts me.

Drew Kaplan said...

I meant Rabbi Katz - not Rabib Katz.

Anonymous said...

the first anonymous should also look more closely. There is no cleavage shown. Shoulders, yes, but no cleavage.

Why not focus on the fact the Shmuley has been a kiddush hashem (even if he is desperate for attention) because non-Jews like him. Any time we can show Orthodox Jews in a positive light, it's a good thing.

And rabbis should be somewhat in touch with pop culture (as long as it's appropriate). Their congregants certainly are. And Yirmiyah, you seem to be in touch with pop culture, since you're on a blog.

Anonymous said...

I hereby wish to express my regret and sorrow for having said the following:
"I must draw my own conclusions about the admission standards at your seminary."
I may have serious reservation about Drew's school, but I don't want to insult Drew.