30 June 2006

Good Shabbas

As shabbas is coming in forty minutes (and counting), I'd figure I'd get in one posting today.
- I did, indeed, give away my one remaining guinea pig.
- I did laundry last night and have today been packing a lot of the laundry as I start my packing for leaving on Sunday morning (to go to Rochester for a classmate's wedding, following which, I will be flying out to Boston to go spend the next six weeks at the Summer Beit Midrash.
- I haven't yet finished cleaning my room :( but that's what I will be doing (all of) Saturday night.
- I haven't yet done anything with my dead hard drive, figuring I can do something that won't cost me a ridiculous amount of money, so I'm still holding on to it.

Shabbat shalom
שבת שלום


Avi said...

IF you can clear the info off your hard drive you can sell it on Ebay. I've sold lots of broken computer junk and made some money back.

Drew Kaplan said...

I'm hoping to get the information off of it first before trying to get rid of it.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

did you try freezing it in a baggie overnight in the freezer and then quickly installing and copying everything off it? legend has it that works!

Drew Kaplan said...

Someone did actually mention that to me - I guess I would only need to figure out how to retrieve information from it (i.e. hook it up to my computer).