16 June 2006

Returning From the Conference & End of My School Year

After getting back from the conference on "Modern Orthodoxy 1940-1970" sponsored by the Judaic Studies program at the University of Scranton, co-sponsored by Edah (about which I posted in six installments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), I headed off to my last Elman class. I will, at some point, be posting some highlights of the course (maybe next week(?)), but will just leave it at that, for now. (Interestingly, he mentioned to someone after class about blogs and suggested checking a few: Hirhurim, not the Godol Hador (though he warned him about that, but nevertheless, it is thoughtful), and a third one which I seem to have forgotten. He said he does so to better understand what's going on out there - with which I most certainly agree.) He then mentioned Gil's recent posting about what R' Schacter said about Talmud criticism, but said R' Schecter might not have been saying that about Academic Talmud, per se.
After that, I finally felt like that was the end of my school year, even though our last day of school was a week ago, as I had an assignment due on Wednesday, so now I can look forward to working on an article or two (about which I shall be posting on Sunday (I think)). So, yay!
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Anonymous said...

2 questions:

How many people were at the conference? I can't tell from your posts if it was 20 or 200.

Also, did Marc Shapiro speak at all?


Drew Kaplan said...

There were a few dozen people, I would guess.
Dr. Shapiro did not speak, but he did organize it.

Anonymous said...

"After getting back from Edah's conference on "Modern Orthodoxy 1940-1970"..."

The conference was organized by the University of Scranton, and was cosponsored by Edah for their Sunday programming which took place earlier today.

Drew Kaplan said...

thanks for the correction, sorry about that