13 June 2006

Blogging the Modern Orthodoxy Conference, Part 3: Late Afternoon & Evening Tuesday Lectures

Daniel Statman speakingPicking up after a brief break (from before), the conference continued to two talks on morality: one given by Daniel Statman on "Modern Orthodoxy & Modernity and Uneasy Partnership" and one given by Hanoch ben Pazi on "The Theology of Militarism" in the thought of Rav Kook.
Following this set came dinner, followed by another set of lectures on the study of history. The first one was given by Kimmy Caplan on "'From A Bird's-eye View': Importing Rabbi Dr. Auerbach's Orthodox Historiography to America." The Hanoch ben Pazi speakingsecond one was Steven Fine speaking on "Modern Orthodoxy and the study of Classical Jewish History." Following both of their speeches was a question and answer round with them.
At this point (well, it is late and I'm mucho tired), I'm going to leave the content of the speeches to the audio files for now, but I may put up some interesting notes on what the presenters had to say as well a
s some other ideas that were bandied about (Who knows? Kimmy Caplan speakingMaybe Menachem will be putting up some notes of his). That's certainly one of the neat things about this sort of set-up where there's a lecture, which is really like a tentative paper, followed up with a discussion upon the topic or, more specifically, the paper, itself, which then, in turn, provides fodder for reworking parts of the paper (or ideas involved with it). As this is my first sort academic conference of any type, it seems neat, but it isSteven Fine speaking unfortunately not my field of specialty nor to which I have done much investigation or in which I have done much reading, so a lot of this material is somewhat unfamiliar to me. But, then again, one of the points of being here is to interface and engage with some of the material, ideas, and history of some of this stuff.
Good night.
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Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

looks really interesting, wish i could be there!

Abacaxi Mamao said...

Just curious if any women presented. I actually know relatively few academic Jewish studies people who are women, and am not sure if that's due to the subject or due to the lower number of women than men in academics generally. Were women in attendance, which might indicate female graduate students in the field, at least?

Drew Kaplan said...

One woman will be presenting this evening. There are only a few women here, actually, while there are a few dozen guys. It's most probably the subject, but who knows?