22 June 2006


For the regular readers of my more Jewish content, this may disappoint, as it's more Drew-ey content.
Today was productive: I got a whole bunch of my room cleaned up (aside from my table and desk that I had accomplished clearing off earlier), which is my main occupation this week. My main feat tomorrow will be filing a massive amount of papers and articles away... (may God help me). Hopefully by shabbas, I will have a cleaner room than when I moved my stuff in more than eight months ago (Yay!).
After being productive on the home-front, I went down to pick up my computer with replaced hard drive (yes, it was dead) (but not after dropping a few Benjies - hard drives don't come cheaply). I had to ask for my dead hard drive, otherwise I might not have gotten it. The crazy thing is if I want some sort of data retrieval performed on it, it's going to cost some more, perhaps multiple times what I dropped today (scary, eh?).
Anyways, that's what's major today.
More Jewish postings on the way....


Anonymous said...

a new HD should not cost you a few hundred dollars. maybe a little over $100, but not a few. :(

Drew Kaplan said...

it was 250 for the hd, itself, plus 50 for labor(?)