04 June 2006

Israel Parade

Just like last year, I marched with YCT, who marched as part of the Halakhic Organ Donor Society group in the Salute to Israel parade today. Fortunately, the weather was cooler this year than it was last year.
What was interesting to me was that my experience of it, while trying to support YCT/HODS, was that it seemed more like a place to see people one knew, whether currently or from a previous place/time/event, and to be seen.

Had I grown up in the New York area, it might have been something where I would have known people from a long while back. Be that as it may, I mainly only know Heights people, including Romach, who was there, and, of course, Zehava Krinsky and Margueya Novick (as I know you two like blog shout-outs).
Oh yeah, I should probably sign up with HODS after marching with them.
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Anonymous said...

Aww, Yona's in your second picture!

Hinda said...

Hope I didn't embarrass you! :)

Drew Kaplan said...

Not at all - thanks for your shout of salutations. :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking fella on that donor card your holding. He looks like a wonderful Rabbi :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Drew,
Did you happen to see who was holding my card? I got a couple of calls about it!

Yossi Pollak

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HODS PR and for your support!