13 June 2006

Blogging the Modern Orthodoxy Conference, Part 2: Early Afternoon Tuesday Lectures

Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill speaking(Continuation of part one.)
Following lunch, we davened minhah. However, as we were at a Jesuit school, there were crosses around in the room in which we the sessions were taking place (for instance, the lectern at which Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill is speaking (pictured)), so we, instead, went out on the balcony and davened there. It was a good thing, as it was some lovely weather.
The first presentation was given by Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill on "Varieties of Modern Orthodoxy" (the link is to the audio file of the lecture with comments at the end).
Following that, there were
two lectures on the thought of : one by Avinoam Rosenak (the bearded fellow picturedAvinoam Rosenak speaking clutching the microphone) on Halakhah and Meta-Halakhah in the writing of Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits and one by Zach Braiterman (the fellow in the blurry picture) on the Dynamics of Negation in Berkovits' Thought. Following both of their respective presentations, there was a question and answer session on the topic. After this set, came some more, but that will come in my next post.Zach Braiterman speaking
I would have liked to have posted this earlier in the day, but I kept having problems uploading the audio files of the speeches. I thought it was my computer or the programs. However, the UofScranton Library has a cap on how much information (downloading/uploading) one can do in any given day. As such, that was why none of it was working. It was only once I got to the hotel room that I was able to hook up with the Internet problem-free and post the proceedings of the conference.
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