03 July 2006

NYC to Boston

So, now I'm in Boston, Sharon to be specific. But first - how I got here.
By the time shabbas came, I was barely packed and my room was still quite a mess. So, I spent Saturday night cleaning, packing, and a little on the Internet. I even got in a jog. However, the last halr-hour was a frantic rush, but somehow I whichever random papers on my floor into little plastic bins and my room was ready for my July subletter (a fellow I know from Columbus) (albeit without having swept my floor, but I was in a hurry. As far as my packed stuff, it was a tight squeeze with my stuff, but I think I did somewhat well. Once I got to the car in which I was travelling with four others, when the trunk was first being shut, it caught on one of my suits' jacket's sleeve, which was unfortunate and which I will have to get sown.
The ride up to Rochester for one of my classmate's wedding took five and a half hours, which wasn't so bad in itself, but my legs were kind of cramped and it was on the warm side. Anyways, the wedding for Mo & Becs (I'd like to link to OnlySimchas, but they are not yet up there) went well.
My travel today went okay, but I had never waited more than I had actually travelled and such was today, more waiting around than actual travelling, but I made it to my hosts's house in the end.
So, now I am in Sharon, MA, a suburb of Boston at a family's house for three weeks, in a room smaller than my old room at home (and smaller than my room in my apartment) with another guy who has the same name as a peer of mine in BBYO (who I also happened to have seen at the rally in DC), Josh Shrager (yes, the guy with the Jewfro from Pittsburgh).
I saw the Sharon fireworks from down the street of my hosts' house, which was quite a more civil (and legal) display of fireworks than the fireworks I watched last year. Last year, while trying to go to bed, I kept hearing more and more fireworks, so eventually, my then roommate and I went down to the street corner of Audubon and 189th and saw people randomly contributing their own fireworks in the middle of the street - it was quite a sight - somehow more impressive than the staid and civil displays of the more grandiose shows of fireworks that one usually sees from cities, etc.

So, now, here I am in Massachusetts.

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SG said...

Welcome to Boston! ok, I no longer live there, but it was home for almost 1/3 of my life. I hope you enjoy your time there.. really take the chance to see the city. there are some beautiful/cool things to see!
If in Cambridge, walk or jog around the charles river near Harvard, you can even be ambitious and walk into Downtown Boston that way where you can go to see Boston Commons( like central park) the duck pond ( with "swan" boats) and the Boston Gardens. Cheers is also close by...and you MUST eat at The Milk street cafe which is just a few blocks away. While you are there, take a tour of the freedom trail (there are guides at the park street station in Boston commons) Also, get some JP Licks- awesome Kosher ice cream- in Brookline where all the kosher stuff is or in davis square(red line).
this should keep you busy!