13 July 2006

Stepping Back

The other day it occurred to me while trying to read - not only do I spend a lot of time on the computer, but it may also be hurting my eyes and the way I read. Now, I know that may sound rather strange, but I know that by cutting back (and I have in mind cutting waaaaay back) my time spent blogging and reading others' blogs, I will hopefully be of better spirit and mind. So, I guess it's somewhat of a spiritual epiphany, in addition to an intellectual, and perhaps existential one. So, I don't want to totally rule out any future blogging, but this is the equivalent to my retiring from blogging. I know I only made it two weeks short of my blogiversary (July 27), but I will be tossing in the towel. I may be putting up some of my posts up in some sort of archive on my website somewhere, but I will be leaving my blog up for now.
While I do plan to continuing to browse some blogs, etc., I am really being מפריש מן הציבור (separating from the community), for which I am kind of sad, but, on the other hand, realize its benefits. One of the odd things about this change is that I was neither pondering it for days and being troubled by the prospect, but rather relieved when I came up with the idea. I must say that it was as I described above - an internal decision, not one influenced by friends, family, rabbis, fellow students, or anybody else, but myself.
As far as my voice no longer being around on the JBlogosphere, or certainly not as loudly, I am kind of sad, as I thought I brought a fresh approach to some topics, or at least my own take on some things, as well as simply informing people of my life who might be interested.
So, that's all for now. Take care and God bless.


aj said...

We'll miss you...hope you return at some point...

Purim Hero said...

Maybe you can guest blog a bit next year on my blog. You should have about as good of an insight into my world as anyone else. (Any word on who the 3rd is yet?)

Anonymous said...

Wait Drew!!!
Before you retire, please post a mechila to anyone (like me) who ever spoke in an inappropriate way to you!
Yirmiyah Chegall

David Fryman said...

Sorry to see you go. Enjoy your summer learning.

thanbo said...

I for one will miss the recordings. The Scranton stuff was fascinating.

Drew Kaplan said...

I don't recall any of your previous postings, so if it was done anonymously, I can only guess.

The posting of recordings is certainly something over which I am mulling. Perhaps I will put some more up, esp. those from the SBM.

Anonymous said...

Please post a mechila to all, anonymous or otherwise, who spoke in the wrong way to you.
Yirmiyah Chegall (one of those in need of mechila)

Unknown said...


Drew Kaplan said...

For now, I will grant mehilah to you on the understanding that you have realized that it is important for civilized people to speak well and that it is proper derekh erez to speak/type respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Deal! And thanks!

BrauneFriedman said...

I really cant believe it...somebody e-pinch me!!