09 July 2006

Rabbi Abbahu and Beraisos

I've started noticing a trend among some of Rabbi Abbahu's statements: that they're often also quoted as beraisos. (I apologize for those not so interested in Talmudical scholarship on this posting. Sorry.) So far I've noticed three instances of this:

1) The statement on Berakhos 51b regarding one who eats and walks is cited as said by either Rabbi Abbahu or taught as a tannaitic teaching.
2) The
six things which are good signs for a sick person which are found in a beraisa on Berakhos 57b can also be found stated by Rabbi Abbahu in Genesis Rabbah 20:10.
3) The understanding of what a ממזר is as being a מום זר is both found at the end of a beraisa on Yevamos 76b and being stated by Rabbi Abbahu in Yerushalmi Kiddushin 3:12.

I was thinking of searching Rabbi Abbahu's name on Bar-Ilan, but a search string such as אבהו yields 517 results in the Bavli, 803 in the Yerushalmi, and 900 in מדרשי אגדה. That's a lot through which to sift. If anybody has anything on this, I would appreciate it.
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