18 July 2006

SBM Audio Shiurim

Rabbi Klapper speaking on Israeli and American rabbinatesSince my announcement towards the end of last week, I have been reconsidering, to a degree, my totally stepping back out of blogging altogether. We shall see.... In the meantime, I have uploaded a page where one can see a listing of שיעורים (lectures) available for downloading to listen from the Summer Beit Midrash program going on, of which I am taking a part this summer - you may view it by clicking here.
I will not be posting every time a new lecture has gone up online, though if something is too good to pass up, I might post regarding it. Until then, peep the page.
I just couldn't pass up informing people of this Torah. No matter what anybody says about technology, it is certainly good for Torah.

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Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Whose straw hat is that in the background of the picture? ;-)

Drew_Kaplan said...

It belongs to the rabbi of the shul - Rabbi Dr. Meir Sendor, who is the closest one seated to the hat in question.

Anonymous said...

iI knew it, you ARE addcited to blogging!!! it's ok, I am too.

Drew_Kaplan said...

One of the major pointd of my move away from blogging is that I was addicted, but now I am trying to move away from this addiction.