09 October 2005

Yay! Party

Well, I can now relax - at least more than I have since over a week ago. From after last שבת, I had been concentrating on preparing for ראש השנה at the old folks home in CT, primarily a couple of דרשות (though I ended up composing both of them on the train ride up there), (okay, so the truth is that I basically chilled out last Sunday (or at least that's how I recall it now). Then ראש השנה came around, then got back. Then we moved in. After finishing moving in on Friday morning, the preparations for our apartment-warming party began. Then שבת hit. It was fine, though after dinner, I slept for 13.5 hours straight, arriving an hour late for lunch. As soon as שבת departed, it was back to preparations. Then the party. Yay! the party.
The party went well - even in spite of the inclement rain (thank you all who made it to the party (you, too, Margueya (there, you got your name mentioned in my blog))), even though it started off a little slowly. ( Darisa/Aliza mentioned our party - another yay.) So, now, with a couple of social engagements tomorrow (or today), I can begin a little bit of relaxing or something.

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