02 October 2005

Post-shabbas fun

Immediately upon the shabbas queen's departure, I endeavored in one of my favorite activities in this world: playing basketball [with Jews]. I went to Mt. Sinai for the first time ever in the gym there (if you were thinking about הר סיני in the מדבר and playing b-ball there, I'm sure that'd be an interesting image) and played basketball for the first time in months. I'll be sure to do that more often.
After which, I went to Tamar Ellman's apartment-warming party, which went well, met a few more Heightsians. We even got a little bit of an apartment tour (picture here is of Anna (Arona's roommate) and me sitting at a little kid's table and chairs by Tamar's bed in her room).
{deleted stuff (5/23/06}
And now I'm blogging and checking e-mail. Hopefully, I will now get to finish watching the end of that movie (see begining of previous posting).


Jewminican said...

Trapped between Washington Heights and the Upper East Side, I fell left out. Perhaps I should become Heightsian, too. Cute photo!

Drew_Kaplan said...

Awww, sorry to hear that. Yeah. Thanks.