02 October 2005

Shabbas Reflections

My shabbas started well, aside from having a sinus cold, as I watched a majority of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a great movie (I still have a half of an hour left to watch) on its own, but add to that that I haven't seen a movie in well nigh a month. It's so sad. But thank God and Rabbi Linzer for the month of October minus All Hallow's Eve for being on vacation such that I can enjoy some movies in this holiday season.
I made it to shul on time for מנחה for the first time in many a moon for a Friday afternoon, which was good for once.... Dinner was nice, though it was below 181st Street, but no hard feelings, gals. Right, it was nice, and I got to meet this girl about whom Meir had mentioned to me, which was cool, and it was a nice group of people, followed by a group mostly made up guys from, of all places, Columbus (yes, I knew them), so that was cool, as a couple of them were in town primarily for the שבת.
After sleeping for ten hours, I davened in my room and made it to shul to see most people already had departed, much to my social chagrin. Not cool. But, as Ilanit pointed out to me, it was a short layning. So I only got to speak to several people. Okay, as I'm thinking about that, that was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!! Oh well, life goes on and God allows for such missed social opportunities. Don't worry, you concerned individuals out there, regarding my having recited ק"ש בזמנה, as I had arisen earlier in the morning, and took care of said מצוה before putting head back to pillow.
Lunch was cool. Post-lunch conversation included a query as to my utilization of Rabbi Abadi on a previous entry (see Smirnoff Ice posting), as he is, apparently, regarded as lenient. Granted, I know little upon the matter, but I wouldn't have noted it much, had it not been for the fellow with which I had spoken (again, see that posting).
Went back and slept for an hour and three quarters - wanted to continue, but had shul to attend. סעודה שלישית went well - got some comments on the blog, though I also got criticized (I sure hope jocularily) for having claimed to have lived in the Heights for the past 13 months, when 12 of those were on Amsterdam, which apparently "don't count". Whatever.

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