07 October 2005

Moving In (not done, yet, though)

Good news #1: Our apartment was ready today (the picture with a blank room is of my bedroom pre-move-in). Good news #2: We began to move in today. Good news #3: Ben moved all of his stuff in today. Good news #4: I moved in most of my stuff today. Bad news #1: I wasn't able to move all of my stuff in today (the picture with the boxes is of my moving in in progress). Props to those who assisted us with the move-in (M. Schultz, D. Wolkenfeld, Y. Werbin, S. Weiss, anybody else I forgot, I appreciated your help as well).
After going to the building to pick up our keys around 1:15 pm today, waiting around for the super until 2:10, then taking another hour to go through all of the procedural blah, blah, we (Ben Greenberg and me) then packed and such until 5:30, then went up to Marble Hill and picked up a U-Haul. By the late evening, we were able to have just about all of Ben's stuff in the apartment and about half, maybe a majority of my stuff in the apartment. We then went for sandwiches, then
decided I would finish packing up my stuff until 2 or 3, while Ben and his gf went to a hookah bar in the Village. I was, indeed, able to complete my packing and cleaning, and made it over back to our apartment to pick up the U-Haul. While about to go back and complete the last of the moving (which would be the end to my 2.5 moves in as many months, and finally end my semi-nomadship, and allow me to just settle in and sort out my stuff), which would be ostensibly ending in our returning the U-Haul before the 7 am due time (otherwise, we are charged another $19.99 for another day's fee) - alas, my about to be former roommate calls up, very pissedly, concerned about the cessation of his slumber for the night, but almost more bewildered about moving at nighttime! בשלמא about the arising in the wee hours, but, hello, it's not uncommon to move then. Well, I'm not speaking about most people, but it's common, nay, I would say de rigeur for me to move, etc. at nighttime - let's just say it's a particularly productive time to move. So, he forbade me to return to the apartment until his departure at 7 am (yes, the 7 am at which time the truck is due back).
Well, גם זו לטובה, eh? The take which I'm going for is that it'll allow me to focus on dealing with the stuff I have here now, rather than being soooooo overwhelmed about what to do with all of my stuff.
Okay, so, hopefully in three more hours (I know I'm going to be exhausted....), Ben and I will finish up the moving, return the U-Haul truck back to the place in Marble Hill, come back to the Heights, go to Key Foods to shop for our apartment warming, and then he'll get ready and head off to CT for שבת and I'll crash or daven שחרית or something.


Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

Hmm, your roommate is special. Sounds super stressful. :(

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Drew Kaplan said...

True story.

Thank you.