21 October 2005

Random Bit

1) My blog has now received four-digit visits. That's right, this blog has now received a thousand visits, along with over 2000 page views! Yay! (Though after Steven I. posted about me, that was a big boost!) This is also my 50th post!

2) A fellow with whom I went to yeshiva in Israel has made a video to some Jewish song. Now, I'm not usually a fan of Jewish songs, in fact, this one is no exception - still not a fan. However, this guy has so much energy, both physically and mentally, which makes this video quite entertaining to watch. Not only does it star him, but also has my roommate from my junior year at IU as the scruffy random dude in it. It seems to have been recorded in three different locations, all on different continents: Chicago, London, and Israel.
Entertaining, indeed.

3) I finally got off my duff this break. Although I had jogged a couple of times (I jogged so seldom due to the cold I caught my last week of school prior to the break), I really hadn't done much physically. Moreover, I hadn't lifted since July, which is a three-month hiatus from lifting, which is bad. Especially considering I was expecting it to only be three-weeks. I signed up yesterday at a gym in my area (J's Big Gym on 181st for those who know the area) for a month, and went this morning at 4 am, which was great as I was the only one there for a while. Anyways, that's a good start, but now I just have to keep it up....

4) I'm off to visit my sis today for shabbas up in Ithaca to spend at Cornell.


Hinda said...

I LOVE THAT VIDEO! Can you get my his autograph? Phone number? No? We watched it in Israel last year and me and my shana bet class were going to make a spoof on it, but it ended up being a video of us acting like...well...ourselves.

I hope you're having a great Yom Tov!

In the Lee of the Wind said...

And how was cornell? I have friends up there (but I won't say who!) btw I linked you and made a few changes to the blog, including linked you!

Drew_Kaplan said...

His e-mail address is flippingjew@aol.com. I don't know how often he checks it, though. I certainly don't know his phone number.

Cornell was good. I will be posting about it. Great - thanks for the links. Will be checking it out.

Hinda said...

I'm not e-mailing him! That would make me seem totally desperate! Okay, I'll consider it. Ha! Let him know that he has a big fan in Boston! Wait, maybe you shouldn't tell him that. Maybe I should stop now. Yeah, stop.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Do whatever you want - you're a big girl. Though, he would be flattered that you appreciated the video.

P.G. said...

I work out at J's Big Gym too. It is a surprisingly good gym. I expected for it to be shabby but there is a lot of equipment, it is clean and safe and there is plenty of modern equipment. Thumbs up.