09 October 2005

Status Report

This blog has now received 500 visits and over 1000 page views (granted, I account for at least a tenth of the page views...)!!! Yay, that's a neat little milestone!
In another piece of good blog news, Steven I. Weiss has not only mentioned me in a posting, which would be amazing enough, but has even enjoyed reading it, as well. Happy continued readings!


Anonymous said...

I am here because of Weiss' post. Good luck with your blog. If nothing else, I'm impressed that you are not hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, as most everyone in the Jewish blogospher (including me) seems to be.

Drew Kaplan said...

Wow, thank you very much. It is a bit strange that there is so much anonymity out there in the JBlogosphere, though it does allow for more free-flowing of ideas.