09 October 2005

Possible פטירה

My roommate's Apple laptop may be meeting it's maker (no, I don't mean Steve Jobs). The נפטר status of the computing machine is in doubt. Okay, well to me it is. My roommate thinks it has passed on; while I am optimistically (maybe a bit ridiculously so, were it not for such a solemn situation) hoping that it's kind of in a coma or something and maybe it'll come back to life.
The little laptop's life came to an end while he was using it, but most (about 100% likely) likely came to its end when it came into contact with some of the water that came from the massive torrential downpour from today's ridiculous
rains. We had some windows open in our apartment from when we moved in, etc., (I had my windows open, kitchen window open, it was nice). Even though it was raining earlier today, none was getting in, and I was there, so it was cool, plus our angle is such that rain goes the opposite way of hitting our window (at least earlier today). However, when the rains picked up, that water stuff started coming in. I didn't notice it at first, but then I picked up some of my books in my room on the windowsill and saw that they were wet - not cool, but they were fine. But this was a window that was sideways to the wind, so not so bad. A little later, I checked on my roommate's room (what reason do I normally have for going in there?) and his tefillin were on the window sill - not good, but fortunately the bag was totally drenched but the תפילין were fine. But then I noticed that near the window on the floor was his laptop. Oh yeah, there are few things that one reaches for more quickly in water than electrical appliances, and certainly a computer. I had a towel in hand from drying off the windowsill, so that towel was on that laptop like nothing. He aspires to bring it to an Apple store (the closest thing he'll come to the Maker) and see what he can do.
המקום ינחם אתו בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

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