16 October 2005

Outdone (yay!)

Although I think of myself as competent regarding knowing people, their names, their lives, etc., in general, I seem to be doing well with knowing people in the Heights. Sometimes, it can seem a bit above-average compared with other people, which added to that I get compliments on the matter, which I try to downplay, but, c'mon, you know that goes straight to my head.
So imagine my surprise and humbling yesterday at lunch when Leah Zuckerman, an attractive young lady living on 56 Bennett, easily listed off a whole bunch of people. Granted, it was mainly her building, but I got the sense that was just the tip of the iceberg.
It actually feels nice to relax, secure in the knowledge that I don't know the most people in the Heights (even if I've been here a year (or just moved in - thanks Sharona) already), that there are people here like Leah, etc., and I'm not such an anomaly. It was very good to feel more normal.

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