11 August 2014

Surprisingly Satisfied with My Fourth Batch of Homebrew

Over a month ago, I brewed my fourth batch of homebrew beer and am actually surprised how well it turned out.  Really my first thought on drinking it was that I was surprised that any deficiencies it has are not readily noticeable.  My first batch and my second batch were to heavy on the body and the third batch was better, yet I was not a fan of what the Belgian ale yeast had done to it.  Also, as opposed to the earlier batches, I don't have to worry about the foaminess overflowing (the second batch was crazy), as this has a mellow foaminess on top.

The body is pretty solid - not light, but not heavy, either.  It's got a really good amount of hops, which is noticeable (but not overpowering).  I think there's some slight fruit aroma to it.  One drawback (for me) is that it is still a bit on the malty side, but it's certainly a lot easier to drink than my previous batches!

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