18 February 2014

First Batch of Homebrew Beer Drinkable :)

Having brewed beer for the very first time in my life a month ago (and then bottling [also for the first time in my life] two weeks ago), I ended up with my first homebrewed beer.  Concerned that my first batch would not come out well - mainly because it was my first time (although also because I did some things I shouldn't have done in transferring the beer from the primary fermenter to the bottling bucket) - I had low expectations for it. 

However, having tasted it a few times, and sharing it with a few other people, I am happy to announce that it came out well.  Yes, as a double IPA, it has a noticeable hop presence, but it also has quite a malty backbone.  While I think the hops are nice, I think it's a touch on the malty side for me, but it's still drinkable :)

Looking forward to batch #2!

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