13 August 2014

Forthcoming Posts on נידה (menstrual impurity)?

Eight years ago, while in rabbinical school, the focus of our studies centered around the Jewish practices around menstruation.*  During that time - fall-winter 2006-2007 - I had a lot of thoughts concerning what we were studying and - what I consider to be - some interesting reads of the the texts of our tradition.  However, for whichever reasons, I did not write about many of them.

While I wrote about one such topic concerning a Talmudic text ("White Days") and also a couple of topics, as well ("My First Attempt at a Critical Text" and "Explaining My Disgust with the term "'Family Purity'"), there are certainly other texts I had encountered during my time studying this topic about which I have kept wanting to write.

So, I am hoping (but not promising) to write some more about this topic, primarily concerning rabbinic texts, although I may be discussing some medieval texts, as well (very useful for rabbinical students!).  All of these posts will appear on Matters of Interest.

* Years later, I was amused when I was speaking with my local Moishe House about doing a program on menstruation in Judaism that they were utterly shocked that we had spent time - let alone so much time - to Jewish women and their menstruation.

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