18 November 2005

A Non-Heights Shabbas

After one shabbas in September, and one shabbas in October, this shabbas'll be my third in several months to be away from the Heights. It's weird, because a year ago, it was a different story, as I often tried to specifically not stay. However, after realizing there's a nice chevre here, I ended up staying here a lot. I'm off to Brooklyn.


In the Lee of the Wind said...

Why the change in perspective? Why the need to stay now whereas before not so?

Hinda said...


You missed a fun Shabbos, but that's cool. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Yeah, I know I did, but I got to get out sometimes.

Before, I had had my preconceived notions of Washington Heights as being a dreary, non-aesthetically pleasing neighborhood, so the thinking was that it wouldn't be so fun to stay around. Another reason was that last year I was in a kind of crappy apartment, with no A/C, plus some of the neighbors would play their reggaeton really loudly (yes, Friday nights, even through 4 AM), which was annoying, to say the least. Also, I thought, "Only losers stay around all the time." But I moved apartments, I really like the community here, plus it's nice to chill and converse with said community, and I realized a lot of people are busy and work or go to school, so going away really just isn't part of the gameplan. Not only that, but there are some good-looking young ladies, though none are really my type, per se.