28 November 2005

Flatbushing It Up & Sister Visit

As it is, I seldom have much reason to go to Brooklyn, and certainly not Flatbush, in particular, but I found myself there two consecutive days, attending three different gatherings. Not totally relatedly, my sister came in for just about the same exact amount of time - from Wednesday evening through Thursday night. On Wednesday evening, my sister and I met up with our second cousin and her three daughters (all six of us are pictured below to the right). What makes them singular is that they are a frum family and while that isn't anything peculiar, them being related to us is, as we have just about no frum family members. So we ate dinner together and it was the first time my sister had met them and it was a pleasant time (and good food). Immediately following that, we went over to another part of Flatbush, where my roommate Ben Greenberg was having his l'chaim party for his engagement that same evening (I am pictured, up left, with him at the party). Fortunately, the wedding is not for another five months, so that's good for his two roommates (me being one of them) that he's not leaving immediately, and thus I guess we'll be having to look for another roommate? Which is bittersweet as a single person as you hope the people in your apartment get married off, but then you're left wondering about a replacement roommate.
Anyways, the following day, my sister and I went to my schoolmate's, Yonah Berman, grandmother's house for a Thanksgiving repast along with his family, which was interesting, and the food was good and the people hospitable.

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