13 November 2005

My Long Saturday Night

On my social calendar following shabbas were two things: 1) Attending a showing of Ushpizin with Mt. Sinai at Lincoln Center Plaza (or something like that) at 8, followed by 2) stopping at my fellow Columbusite's (a 'Columbusite' is someone from or who lives in Columbus (I'm thinking Ohio, but I suppose this term could extend to other Columbuses)), Sarah Nemzer's, belated birthday party.
The former event was nice, it went well, and I got to sit next to Zehava Krinsky, who was a cool person next to whom to sit, and I found the movie to be nice, worth my time, but not anything significant, per se, to me. After which, I made it over to the latter event, which had some people leaving as I was entering, but it was okay. My roommate, Meir, struck up a conversation with one of Sarah's roommates, Gail/Gayle, which lasted a little while, all the time of which I was feeling kind of tired and wanted to leave to go attend, or at least stop by, a birthday celebration of another Columbusite, who lives in the Heights, having lived on the floor below me last academic year. So, eventually, we made it there, though we stopped to say "hi" to another Columbusite (trust me, I rarely see Columbusites, so three or more in one night is truly a rarity) at a bar on the same block. Both bars, though especially the first one, was truly a cultural experience. As I generally neither go to clubs, nor bars, it struck me as to how these people were behaving. While it might have seemed fine to them, from someone leading a frum lifestyle, it was truly different.
Anyways, so we stopped in for about a dozen minutes, then left, hoping that Talia's Steakhouse would be a happening scene. Nope. There were maybe a dozen and a half people, and all were sitting in groups eating. Definitely nothing exciting. So Meir and I went back to the car. At this point, I was further tired than I had been previously. But, we go and pick up his sister, her two Montreal friends, and this other guy, Gideon, from Holland, living in Brussels, who's travelling in America for two and a half weeks. We then go driving around looking for the Meatpacking District, eventually finding some place and having drinks for a while. After all of that, we went back to the Heights.
I probably should have ended my night after the Talia's Steakhouse thing, as I was tired. However, I unfortunately ruined my Sunday (not that it has happened yet, but I just know it has) by staying out beyond when I should have.


Anonymous said...

hah, was wondering why you were up so late on IM! :)

Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

Wow, it's about 4pm and I just got up two hours ago because I thought my Shabbat was tired. Friday I went to mincha and then to a party at the shul that lasted til about 12-1am. I got up around 8am to make it to 9:30 services and then stuffed myself in Kiddush only to be reminded by Chaia that Devora had made us a wonderful lunch. At lunch, we talked and talked until everyone fell asleep and I had to go to a parsha class at 3:30pm. After parsha class, mincha at 4:15pm. After that, kiddush levanah for a bit before spending sometime talking to a shul friend Aaron while I waited for Devora, Chaia and Arona to show up to see Pride & Prejudice.

No, wait, it gets more exhausting. Then we went to the movie theater near KJ only to realize that the film was sold out so we had to take the bus across town and the subway down to 68th Street. The next showing was 9:20 and it was 7:30 so we went to Pizza Cave and stuffed our not-so-hungry faces. We made it to the movie at 8:30 to wait in line for quite a bit because the theater was packed. We finally saw the film and Arona snored away next to me.

After the film, we were all kind of lost in our heads thinking of our non-existent lovelives and our hopes for the future. So, we walked up to 86th street to take the crosstown bus. We finally made it to Chaia's car and I got home around 1ish and boy was I tired. YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

In the Lee of the Wind said...

So how was the bar different, you know I have not done much bar hopping here in university

Drew Kaplan said...

Yes, that's why I was so late up on IM.

Not only were all of you tired, but you were also very saddened, too. Poor girls.

The bar(s) were different than the milieus to which I am accustomed as there was a lot of touching and the mood was very much of an atmosphere of people trying to pick each other up (and perhaps take them back...). I am used to more "civil" environments, or at least shomer negiah environments. It was only kind of particularly different for me when I was leaving the latter of the two bars after having said "Hello and happy birthday" (not verbatim, there was more) to this guy I knew, and I had to pass through a sea of people, some of them females and having to sort of tap them on the shoulders (or more) to get them to move out of my way (as the music was rather loud and merely requesting someone to move was insufficient for them to do so).

Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

Ew, bars. I've been to very few in my lifetime. At least they cannot smoke now but they're still crowded places of general horniness.

torahandmitzvot said...

tapping girls on the shoulder to get by the way? that is so dissapointing, sacrificing on your religious principles like that! does your mother know?

Drew Kaplan said...

"General horniness" - yeah, that's pretty much what was going on.

At least it wasn't derekh hibbah (at least I didn't think it was). BTW, my mom would rather I'd be tapping more than just women's shoulders.