26 November 2005

New Furniture

Wednesday morning, after waking up and actually making it to מנין (prayer service) at Mt. Sinai, I went to the bank then checked out some stuff someone was selling. This person, Adina, was moving out of the Heights to go to Memphis, so she was selling some of her stuff, and I thought what a good opportunity it was to help furnish my apartment while helping her sell off her stuff.
While the items I bought were in good condition (a bookshelf as well as some sort of dresser thingy), I was thinking how as a single person, I'm not necessarily interested in getting things that will last a long time, as when I marry, I may end up having to get rid of a number of things anyway. Just a little thought.


Jewminican said...

Haha, that's funny. I never thought of it that way...buying only temporary things for when one gets married. Meanwhile, I'm still proud of myself for having (finally) furniture that is neither cardboard, plastic or fake wood. I have a grown-up loveseat, two grown-up bookcases, a grown-up full-size bed and a grown-up dresser. ;)

Lab Rab said...

Yeah, you never know how long it will take. You might as well buy the type of furniture that you will need to make yourself comfortable. If you ever get too attached, you can always take it with you.

ALG said...

It used to bother me when single people would say that everything was temporary until they got married. Like people who cooked in flaking-off-enamel pots because "there's no point in buying a new one because you'll get all new things when you get married." That's assuming that (1) you'll get married soon (I mean, I hope you do if that's what you want and that I do because that's what I want--depending how you define "soon," but that's still an assumption; (2) that it's okay to not fully live your life while you're single; and (3) that you'll suddenly come into a lot of money upon marrying or somehow be given lots of money with which to purchase fancy grown-up furniture, instead, of, say, using it to buy a house or pay off student loans. I'm not saying that you're assuming all of these things, just pointing out these assumptions that many people mysteriously seem to have about singlehood, marriage, and material possessions.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Lab Rab,
That's true - one never really can know how long it might take, and even then, it'll still be a number of months between the engagement and wedding, anyways. However, I'm not sure what all different types of furniture I plan on getting that I don't already have.

Not everything of mine is exactly falling part, and perhaps some of my stuff is somewhat temporary. I also hope I get married soon (but I agree with you: what does "soon" mean?). I also agree that it's questionable that I'll suddenly come into a lot of money. However, there is a thing called a wedding registry, which may yield new furniture.... As to the not fully living life while I'm single - I think I was doing more of that last year. However, this year, I've been doing better at trying to more fully live my life. I still, however, am trying to figure how best to actualize that fully-living life.

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