13 November 2005

News in Drew

-I hopped on the bandwagon today. Yup, that's right, after iPods being around for a while, I finally got an iPod. Yay. Unfortunately, putting in songs definitely takes a lot of time. Worse, it's keeping me up tonight, screwing up my week. Bad.
-I finally hit 2500 visits to my blog - yay. I know I didn't celebrate 2000, which makes this all the more celebratable.
-I decided this past week that I would not be taking any Revel classes this spring. Either I will not enroll there, or I might wait for the fall....
-I have to figure out where I am going for Thanksgiving break and what I will doing. I had thought to maybe stay in and work on composing some articles, though my roommate, Meir, suggested that I could work on them throughout the schoolyear, but how often do I get to travel? Good point.

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