20 November 2005

News in Drew

Pieces of news in Drew:
1) A picture with me and three other YCT guys got placed in this month's Blueprint, though the article was only slightly related to the picture (the picture was taken in El Salvador of the four YCT boys who went on last year's AJWS's rabbinical student delegation).
2) I'm up to nearly 1000 songs now in my iPod.
3) My blog has now received over 3,000 visits.
4) Although I, or someone else, will be posting about this on the YCT Chevre blog, members of the first and second year classes, in lieu of doing community service or social action stuff here in NYC, will be able to go down to Mississippi for a week to help with the Katrina aftermath rebuilding efforts. So, I will be going down south for a week in late December (yay, I'm getting out of NY).

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