01 June 2012

Mint Week Mini Week: 30 Days of 30 Drinks Project - Week Four (Part 2)

Adding mint sprigs as garnish for the Mint Julep
Having had Shavuos this week and going to Las Vegas last week, both this week's and last week's amount of videos of my 30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old project were smaller, each consisting of three drinks/videos (thus, "mini-weeks"). This week's mini-week is themed around drinks incorporating mint, thus Mint Week Mini Week. (I used mint from plants growing in my backyard, which was economical, but by the last drink, I had very few mint left....) 
The Mint Julep is one of the mintiest drinks out there
     For Mint Week Mini Week, I started off with a nice, summer classic, the mojito. The second day was a drink I found simply by googling mint drinks and it ended up by being a pleasant surprise. The last day was a Southern classic and one of the drinks that turned me on to Bourbon whiskey. Also, making this last drink involved so much mint, I nearly exhausted my mint plants! 
     Here they are: 
          Day 18 - Mojito 
          Day 19 - Leninade 
          Day 20 - Mint Julep 
     Hope you enjoy watching!
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