14 June 2012

30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old Project Update: Week Six [Rum Week]

Holding a Blue Hawaii (yes, I know it looks green...)
The last week of my 30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old project finished off with Rum Week.  I'm not such a rum-loving person, but I thought there were enough rum drinks out there and rum fans, so I decided that rum drinks would be the last week of my project.  For some reason, aside from the Daiquiri, the rum drinks tended to throw in a bunch of fruit juices, of which I wasn't so fond, but I guess that's the way rum rolls....  Nevertheless, I was surprised by how good the Mai Tai was - that was definitely my favorite drink of the week.
Being surprisingly impressed by my first Mai Tai
     So, here are the last five drinks of my project:
Day 26: Daiquiri
Day 28: Mai Tai
Day 29: Hurricane
Day 30: Blue Hawaii
Now that the project's over, I'm hoping to write a follow-up post about some reflections....  In any event, enjoy your rum!

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