08 June 2012

30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old Project Update: Week Five [Whiskey Week]

Holding the Canadian Cocktail, my favorite of the week
Although I've done plenty of whiskey drinks in my 30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old project thus far (for earlier videos: week four, part two ("Mint Week Mini Week"); week four, part one; week three ("Gin Week"); week two; and week one), I wanted to just do one week for perhaps my favorite spirit (I easily could've done two if not three weeks for whiskeys...).  The first two drinks' base spirit was Canadian Whisky, the Brain Duster used Rye Whisky, the Emerald involved Irish Whiskey, and the Whiskey Sour used Bourbon Whiskey.  If you were looking for Scotch, I did make the Rob Roy (which is like the Emerald) a few weeks ago.  So here are this week's drinks:

Day 21: Canadian and Campari (1:02)
Day 22: Canadian Cocktail (1:14)
Day 23: Brain Duster (1:04)
Day 24: Emerald (0:59)
Day 25: Whiskey Sour (1:10)
How you might feel when imbibing the Brain Duster
Although I enjoyed the Canadian and Campari, the Canadian Cocktail was my favorite of the week.  The Brain Duster is very powerful and you'll need to be careful with drinking that.  The Emerald is like the Rob Roy or Manhattan (just different whiskies and bitters), and the Whiskey Sour is just a great Bourbon drink - one of the ones that really got me in to Bourbon.

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