24 July 2008

Wednesday 9 July

This morning, we woke up earlier than the previous two days, as we were checking out today. Just as in the previous two days, I got in some QT with my Talmud learning, although it was not as relaxing, since there was no rain this morning, plus it was hot (I was sweating just sitting there). There was a lady giving massages, so Rachel got her much desired massage. We also were not as rushed, also, since we were able to check out at noon, rather than eleven, the hotel's standard check-out time (it wasn't a problem since business was kind of slow this season (by the way, they charge about 100€ more during the winter season, when they are busier)).
The taxi driver for our trip to the airport was a talkative one who knew some English and heavily encouraged me to work on my French (it's important, a lot of people speak it, and one never knows if one will use it when traveling or on one's job, he said). So, for the ride, we worked on my conversational French (he said it takes just ten minutes everyday to work on it). I found out why there are cattle all over Guadeloupe (and, for that matter, goats): after slavery, the land for people to place their cattle was in their front yards, tying them to stakes that they have to move everyday so there is grass for them to eat. Anyways, at the end of our journey, he said something about Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible at which point, we said we are Jews and he tried persuading us, etc. He said he was a seventh-day Adventist and that he also doesn't work on Shabbat. His interesting message to us was that Shabbat, in addition to refraining from forbidden stuff, to work on ourselves and to somehow show love [like Jesus(?)].
Anyways, we got to the airport and got our liquor from customs and got on the plane (after having to wait an extra hour on account of the plane having been delayed from Panama.
The flight was about 25 minutes long, probably the shortest plane ride of my life. The plane on the Air Caraibe flight was a nice small Embraer jet (much nicer than the old small plane we took from San Juan). When we went through customs, they didn't ask us about the liquor, but that's probably because we were coming from Guadeloupe.
We then took a taxi cab to our new hotel.
We walked around town in the evening and took it easily.

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