24 June 2008

What Is Drew Doing For This Summer?

As this is my last summer in rabbinical school (yes, I know there will be next summer, but it may not be quite as much of a break, as the school year is shifting from starting before Labor Day and concluding in early to mid June to, this upcoming year, starting after Labor Day (the first time ever for me, since elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and the first four years at YCT all started prior to Labor Day) and going until the end of June), it will be kind of low key, as next summer will be shorter and I will presumably be busy with finishing up with school stuff and getting ready for my new job. So, the highlight of this summer is our honeymoon [to the Caribbean]. Even though we got married ten months ago, we had not yet gone on it. Additionally, I have some things upon which to work for school. As far as working, I am doing some editing work. For learning, I am doing a page a day of Talmud (Berakhos) as well as reading through Maimonides' Guide to the Perplexed. Of course, I should not forget to mention that I am going to the gym everyday using the elliptical machine and lifting weights several times a week. Also, coming up next week is YCT's Yemei Iyun in Tanakh and Jewish Thought which I will be attending.


Anonymous said...

Q: How do you say "honeymoon" in loshon kodesh?

A: "Chukas hagoyim".

Drew_Kaplan said...

The proper answer to your question, anonymous, is hodesh devash. The hukas hagoyim, per se, would, more correctly, be immediately following one's wedding, rather than at some later point. If it is merely the semantic issue that bothers you, perhaps we can just call it a vacation.

Anonymous said...

dang, Anonymous, way to harsh on someone. The guy's going on vacation with his wife. The first vacation is frequently called a honeymoon.

Since R. Drew presumably had a week of sheva brachot and didn't head off on a vacation immediately after the nuptials, I don't see how this is chukat hagoyim in any respect. Leave the guy alone.