15 July 2008

Tuesday 8 July

(For now, I am posting what I have and will be working on filling in the gaps in my postings about our honeymoon, so the posts may very well be out of order.)
Today was definitely a chill day throughout. After waking up again to rain, we made it inside to the hotel's restaurant's couches and Rachel read whilst I learned Talmud. After a while, Rachel returned to the room to nap. Later on, I joined her to read in the air conditioned room.
Eventually, we decided to go into town to see if we could watch anything of the first day of the 21st annual Gwo Ka festival. Well, although we didn't see any of the festival, we meandered around Ste. Anne and we got some bread, some ice cream, drinks, and wrote some postcards (but got to the post office after it closed). Rachel also got some cute jewelry and I stopped at an Internet Cafe to check e-mail and Facebook (even though there was some wi-fi at certain places at the hotel, it was easier to type at a computer).
Upon our return to our hotel, we tried going swimming, but there were bugs all across the surface of the water, so we quickly decided to return to our hotel room.
After I showered, Rachel pointed out that there were plenty of bugs in our room (after all, the windows were not glass, but rather kind of like shutters, leaving small openings when they were "closed"). After killing a dozen or two dozen bugs, I figured out that since we had turned off our patio light, bugs were attracted to the lights inside our room, the patio light should be turned on, as it had been the previous two nights - indeed, it worked. After showering up, we saw The Bounty and went to sleep.

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