01 July 2008

Disney World

Now that we are heading off tomorrow for our honeymoon, I figured now would be a good time to post about our quasi-honeymoon trip to Disney World a half year ago. We were there from Sunday 23 December through the morning of Friday 28 December.
We stayed off Disney property for our stay there, which I think was a mistake, as we took a bus each way that dropped people off at various Orlando hotels. We stayed at the Wyndham, which was fine, although we had asked if there was transportation between them and Disney World, they said yes, but did not tell us that it cost $20 and it took an hour. Also, it would have been nice if they had a mini-fridge in the room for us to keep food there. Also, it would have been nice that, in addition to a shuttle between there and Disney World, but also between them and the airport. The bus, itself, was fine: it was operated by Town & Country Transportation and we had a really informative and fun Italian bus driver. Next time, however, instead of spending two hours both ways in transit, we will spend on Disney property.
Random bits:
Because it was the last week of December, there were a lot of Christmas/holiday/wintry music playing about. Also, there were a bunch of special performances, but we didn't go to any of them. Something I noticed which was slightly peculiar to me was that almost every gift shop was selling DVDs of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie - it was ridiculous how many different places were selling them.
We got to MGM Studios and EPCOT at the opening of each, which was great, as we had such little wait for the Great Movie Ride and Spaceship Earth, respectively.
I was surprised that in the instructional video for the Star Tours ride that they had Teek from one of the three Endor films.
Of the college paraphenalia, I saw a lot of people wearing Ohio State hats and shirts, although I also saw a fair number of people wearing LSU and Florida wear. However, on Thursday, I started seeing some MSU and BC gear being worn, as fans of each time were now around for the game the next night.
Kosher Food at Disney World: We didn’t know this ahead of time, but in each of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World, there is one dining place with some kosher entrees. All of these entrees are provided by Webermans Traditional Foods under the supervision of the Circle K. The first day we were there, we happened to notice at
Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom by accident as we were walking by and saw the line at the bottom of their menu that said kosher food. They have pizza, hot dog, and chicken - all double-wrapped. Anyways, the other places are the ABC Commisary in MGM Studios (in the Commissary Lane section), which has hot dog, hamburger, and corned beef. Also, for desert, there is chocolate chip cookie/cake. In EPCOT, there are kosher hot dogs and hamburgers at Liberty Inn in the America section of the World Showcase section. Lastly, in Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Ray's the kosher options are hamburger, chicken strips, and corned beef. Additionally, there were lots of stands with SuperPretzels, which are, I've heard, kosher.
Since it's been a half year since we went, I probably have a lot of other things about which I could've blogged already, but this will have to do for now.


Def Leppard said...

Where did you get your Disney World Tickets

Drew_Kaplan said...

We went to the regular Disney website and bought them there.

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