09 August 2006

News in Drew

- I know I haven't posted in the last two weeks, but, don't worry, my posting frequency will be up a little over the next week or so.

- The Summer Beit Midrash program is coming to an end - ending tomorrow. I hope to post my teshuvah as well as some other stuff when it ends.

- I also hope to post about my recently published sleep article soon.

- Ever since my hard drive crashed, my ipod was working well until I decided to synch it with my new hard drive. Fortunately I had transferred all of my files from my ipod first to my computer when I got to Boston over a month ago, although while synching, my ipod then didn't seem to have anything on it. Recently, I have begun trying again, though with limited success. We'll see how it goes.

- I have had an empty apartment spot (see here for info on the spot) since the beginning of June, which I had thought we were going to fill for July, which fell through, and then someone else for August, which also fell through. So, now I am in search of a new roommate to room with my new roommate who will be moving in this month.

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