23 December 2013

"Firefly" Re-Enters My Life

Having not seen "Firefly" in eight years, I've been recently desiring to watch it again, especially when people make occasional references to it...  Fortunately, a catalyst entered the picture, resulting in my re-watching it!
Originally introduced to "Firefly" on a visit to my sister in the fall of 2005, I then watched the series that fall and finished up with watching "Serenity" eight years ago.  However, a lot of time has transpired since then and I decided to re-watch it.  Granted, one of the aspects that makes it easy to watch, in addition to the quality of the show, is that it is not a significant time commitment, having been cancelled after only a dozen or so episodes airing.  I imagine that's one of the aspects of it that has helped turn the show into a cult classic.
However, this past Hanukah, my sister (again) and her husband gave us, for a gift, the recently-released "Firefly The Game".  I am not much of a board game player, so it was kind of a strange gift, not to mention that I haven't seen the show in eight years.  Although I have greatly enjoyed playing the game, it has been kind of frustrating that I don't remember most of the show. Nevertheless, I am glad that they gave us the game as a gift, since it has re-sparked my interest in watching the show.  Fortunately, my wife has agreed to watching it with me, so that is great :)  
We began watching "Firefly" last week and it is, indeed, a great show and is helping me understand the game ;)

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