23 March 2009

Still Digging, but Giving Kavod, too

I joined Digg almost a year and have liked it since then as a place to share material on the Web that I found interesting. I know that there are other similar social news websites out there, but I have chosen to stick with it, as it is one of the more well-known places. However, one thing about which I had been wondering over the past few months was why weren't there more Jews using it or at least Jewish content being dugg? Hopefully that has been ameliorated with the launching of Kavod at JTA, whereby users can submit and vote for online content that they like. As opposed to say, a model like Tzvee's Talmudic Blog (which, btw, doesn't discuss the Talmud much), wherein Tzvee often mentions or simply quotes and links articles. Instead of doing that, he could simply Digg it or give it a Kavod, where relevant, rather than putting a blog post doing the same thing.
Anyways, I decided that I like the Kavod idea and support it and want to encourage other Jews out there to do the same, as there haven't been so many joining as of yet and taking part. Additionally, I wanted to mention that I am now no longer, for the most part, digging items with Jewish content, but rather putting them on Kavod.

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tzvee said...

there is a talmudic element in every post on tzvee's blog ;>) you have to study it day and night....