04 March 2009

Jewish Telegraphic Agency's Website Adds User-Generated Content Stuff

Just today, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency's website has added user-generated content software. Announced earlier today, by Daniel Sieradski, that it was launching, there are three new aspects: the first is the blog aggregator, the second is the readers report, and the third is the Kavod bookmarker.
Although the first two should be good, it is the third of these that is something that, to my mind, has been heretofore missing in the Jewish Web 2.0. Akin to Digg, which is the social bookmarking website I use, this should be a great boon to the JBlogosphere.
Something I've been recently wondering of late has been why aren't more of my Jewish friends using Digg or BuzzUp or whichever other social bookmarking services to share various articles of online content. Aside from some of my friends on Digg digging various related articles about the recent war in Gaza, it hasn't been used much. Now that Kavod is here (which, by the way, I've added to my posts at the bottom of each), this may help the Jewish social bookmarking/sharing.

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