17 March 2009

Brief Notes on the Recent Issue of Jewish Action

In the recent issue of Jewish Action (Spring 5769/2009) (Volume 69, Number 3), Rabbi Yaakov Luban mistakenly, in his "Chanetz Sheavar Alav HaPesach: The Supermarket Controversy" piece, says that it was in "fourth-century Babylonia when the Talmud was redacted" (p. 42), when he is actually a couple of centuries off (it was redacted in the sixth century). Update: Rabbi Luban wrote back to me: "Thanks for catching the error in my article about the date of the redaction of the Talmud. You are absolutely correct. It was the 6th century."
Also, as usual, Ari Z. Zivotofsky has a great piece in the Legal-Ease section with "What's the Truth About Ga'al Yisrael?" (pp. 74-78).

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