24 August 2008

Vlog Post #4

I really don't know what's up with the sound in this vlog posting at times. At some points (such as in Montreal on Wednesday), it seems fine, but then it is just bad at other points. Then again, my camera is four and a half years old....
In this one, among other things, I show a little bit of J's Big Gym, the local gym to which I belong (for a few years now) and have mentioned previously. After having been asked about it, I decided I would show some of the gym for those interested (if you sign up for a membership, make sure you mention my name as a referral(!)). Not mentioned in the video is that it is kind of empty since I shot the video clips close to or at closing time on Sunday evening, so not many people were around.

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Steven Radcliffe said...

re New York -- I lived there for 4 months in 1986, renting a room at 82nd and Riverside. It was very interesting, but 4 months was enough at that time.