21 August 2008

Our Martinique Experience

{this is the last, if not one of the last of our honeymoon postings}
After arriving on Wednesday 9 July in the airport, we then took a cab to our hotel, Hotel de la Pagerie in Trois-Îlets. The hotel is situated right near the harbor and there are a few shops around. That evening, we just wandered around the little town a bit.
The next day, we arranged to go on a little boating excursion for the following day. Since we didn't think we would be able to go on a different boat ride that afternoon, we decided to take a ferry into the capital, Fort-de-France. While there, we walked around for a bit, stopping in various stores and checking out a local market. We then headed back on the ferry to Trois-Îlets and relaxed for the rest of the evening and afternoon.
On Friday morning, we took a boat ride out to see the Mangrove forest. While the captain of the boat was speaking about interesting things regarding the local fauna and flora, he was nice enough to translate some stuff for us when we asked. At one point, one of the passengers started explaining what the guide was saying in French. The lady, a German who was with her husband and two children, was tremendously helpful in translating what our guide was saying.
After the trip, we got a little food and relaxed in the afternoon, including getting feet massages at a nearby place, before spending our evening in our hotel room.
The following day, we spent mostly in our hotel room and I got a lot of reading done. As mentioned previously, we were nowhere near the synagogue for shabbas, which is why we spent it in the hotel. In the evening, we got full massages, which was nice and honeymoon-appropriate (and also my first full massage).
The next day was Sunday and, as a lot of things were closed, we mostly hung out (I learned Talmud and read) for the day and swam in the pool.
Finally, the next day, we set out to return to the US.
One other thing: the hotel was okay, but since I must've gotten used to the comfy American mattress on which we slept at La Toubana for the previous three nights, I had such a difficult time sleeping the five nights we were at Hotel de la Pagerie.

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