05 May 2008

No More Blockbuster Stores in Washington Heights Nor Inwood

Yesterday, my wife and I went to return a[n overdue] rental to the Blockbuster store at 179th street (GWB station). Upon our reaching the store, we saw that it was no more - totally empty and closed up.
When my now wife used to live on 193rd street, the nearest Blockbuster store was located on Dyckman street. However, that store then closed, leaving the only Blockbuster in the Inwood-Washington Heights area at 179th street (not that that was a problem for me, as it was within walking distance).
And now there are no remaining Blockbuster stores in the Inwood-Washington Heights area, with the closest stores at 125th street in Harlem and in the Bronx.
I would presume that there are a few main reasons for this: Netflix & Blockbuster Online, online movie downloading (both legal & illegal), and knockoffs sold on the streets.
Oh well, we're members of Blockbuster Online and the store on 125th is near my wife's work, so we're not too unfortunate with this neighborhood loss (although gone are the Saturday nights where we can just walk over to a Blockbuster store and rent a movie).

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